About us

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IT Matter AS

We are a Oslo-based cloud computing company founded with the purpose to be a company for our customers and for our consultants.

IT Matter is a technology-independent company. This may seem simple, but it is one of the most important aspects of our vision. We believe that by being an independent advisor we challenge a problem in the marketplace where the advisors often are biased towards one specific technology or solution. We believe that by not taking any profit from the customers technology choices, we can guarantee that the customer is getting an honest advise that is aimed to best suit our clients needs and strategy.

Our consultants are highly skilled and we will only employ consultants that are passionate about their work and have at least one technology specialization. All our consultants have long experience within their field of work, and can show-case reference projects where they have been an outstanding asset for that project(s) and the customer/employer.

IT Matter has a policy of open & honest communication and information sharing both in the projects we deliver and within the company itself. This means that we believe in building confidence through open dialog, and sharing information and knowledge with those around us. This is why we for instance, publish knowledge articles on our website, handle customer dialog through solution architects instead of a management team, and encourage our consultants to instruct the board of how the company should be governed. This is also why all the company´s financial data is openly available for our employees and salaries are easily accessible and comparable among all employees that have given their consent.

In IT Matter we believe that our employees and our customer relations are what brings value to our company.

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