Azure Integration technology choices

Working with Azure can be mind-blowing at first, as there is multiple software to choose from, all indicating to solve your problems. To help you with your decision of what technology to use in various use cases. I put together a decision tree that you can use in the discussions and workshops with your developers and architects. That said the decision tree does not indicate that you should never choose differently, but you should be able to argue for your choice. 

What we often see when it comes to choosing a technology for your integration project, is that a “wrong” choice is rarely picked up during the project. The reason for this can be one of many, but bias actors, fear of investment sunk cost or lack of strong enough reference cases to argue that what is being implemented could and should have been done differently, can be one of them.

A “wrong” choice of tech is seldom identified as a challenge linked to functionality and ability to deliver on the tasks identified in the project, because most of the technologies has a basic capability to support most scenarios and with extensive scripting most challenges can be dealt with through workarounds. However, a frequent identification of a “wrong” choice is that the solution often run on a much higher cost in multiple stages in the project; through how long it takes to develop, maintenance cost, complexity of the solution and finally how high you must scale the solution to make it perform as intended The result is a much higher cost for the owners.

I hope that the decision tree will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls in your project, raise awareness of technology choices and motivate to technology discussions in your team.

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