The Troublesome Heaps

Heap fragmentation is the degree of “out of order extents” and are given by avg_fragmentation_in_percent in sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats. This means that when SQL server allocate pages in bulks of 8 pages per bulk that is called extents. Each page gets a page number and is ordered in the IAM. When a row gets written to aContinue reading “The Troublesome Heaps”

Always truncate your staging environment in a database

Often when we are met by customers struggling with performance, we see staging environments that are existing more or less as an archive or a copy of the source. Its uncertain why a staging environment is so often handled this way, but it may be a misunderstanding originating from some non-technical reference books like “Kimball’sContinue reading “Always truncate your staging environment in a database”

Business Motivation Model (BMM)

The Business Motivation Model is a well-known model for most Enterprise Architects and are frequently used in multiple business around the world, often together with targeted business consulting or as a part more extensive frameworks like Togaf. Working with Business Motivation Model in multiple divisions and levels of the organization help you to align yourContinue reading “Business Motivation Model (BMM)”