Configure your disk and lun setup for SQL Server

When setting up your server remember to set up a disk partition structure that is meant for SQL server. Just to be clear, you don’t need more than one disk partition to install and get SQL server to run, but if you would like to configure a disk setup that support the internal architecture ofContinue reading “Configure your disk and lun setup for SQL Server”

Backend Integration strategy

Extract transform load (ETL) ETL has for long been the preferred way of doing batch data integrations. The reason for this is that the ETL method where the data is extracted from the source and transformed in memory before loaded into the target, is a genius way of processing data as long as the dataContinue reading “Backend Integration strategy”

Snowflake review

Snowflake has taken the cloud analytic storage and compute market by storm and for a good reason. The time to market, simplicity and cheap storage is all appealing when it comes to choosing your storage and compute engine for analytics. In this review we will dive a little deeper into the software and what itContinue reading “Snowflake review”

Always truncate your staging environment in a database

Often when we are met by customers struggling with performance, we see staging environments that are existing more or less as an archive or a copy of the source. Its uncertain why a staging environment is so often handled this way, but it may be a misunderstanding originating from some non-technical reference books like “Kimball’sContinue reading “Always truncate your staging environment in a database”

Azure Integration technology choices

Working with Azure can be mind-blowing at first, as there is multiple software to choose from, all indicating to solve your problems. To help you with your decision of what technology to use in various use cases. I put together a decision tree that you can use in the discussions and workshops with your developersContinue reading “Azure Integration technology choices”